Reliable – Flexible – Secure

Our robust cloud platform is built on enterprise class infrastructure, the N+ONE Cloud delivers the performance, resiliency and security required by today’s demanding workloads.  Our cloud is housed in our colocation datacenters in Morocco and delivers the power of the cloud in the EDGE


Enterprise Backup and Recovery solutions

Secure & Encrypted

Your backups are encrypted with your own keys, only you can access your data. You can safely rely on our robust infrastructure while keeping you data safe

Fast & Simple Restore

Restore any files to any dates and version, our platform allow you a very high level of granularity

All time access and Support

Your data is accessible any time. You can also call upon our support team to assist you in restoring your data on a 24/7 basis

Backup Monitoring

Weather you opt for our Back up as a Service or use your own solution, We can monitor the status of you backups in real time and ensure you are covered

Online Management Tool

You can manage your backup Jobs online and receive alerts and notifications

Great Savings

Avoid expensive investments in hardware with our pay-as-you-go pricing model


with the Best support team by your side

Network Operations Center

Our NOC will manage the status of your backup and assist you in your recovery should you need it