Dedicated – Secure – Hosted

Our Single Tenant cloud deployment delivers the same agility, flexibility and efficiency as the public cloud. We prefer to call it IaaS/PaaS as most of our clients also opt for secured dedicated (lan-to-lan) connections to connect to their workloads.


Your own cloud hosted in Morocco


Pay for only the infrastructure and services that you use. Our unique approach to delivering private cloud platforms allow you to retain all the benefits of the public cloud in your own private single tenant deployment


Scale your private cloud at will. You can start with the infrastructure you need and scale with a few clicks.

Easy Configuration

We provide you with an orchestration platform that lets you scale and manage your workloads with a few clicks. We support Yaml and Ansible scripts with a full rest API at your disposal


Supported platforms


We build parts of our Cloud and IaaS products using state-of-the-art Hyper-converged infrastructure. Our Nutanix supports provides us with the agility, scalability and performance our clients demand

Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack

As Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) we deliver the best of breed solution. Use Azure for your most demanding workloads, when data sovereignty is required you can use our Azure Stack instances hosted in Morocco. 

OpenStack Orchestration

For greater flexibility and neutrality, we have developed our own instances of OpenStack Orchestration, our clients can use a single orchestrator to manage the different cloud solutions we offer


Supported Operating Systems


Pay for what you use. Our flexible pricing structure allows to save significantly on your infrastructure costs, with granular billing all the way to per-hour use !

Linux Distributions

Scale your cloud at will. You can start with the infrastructure you need and scale with a few clicks.


You will have someone who can respond right away whenever a security threat is detected to prevent problems. This is in addition to the strong security measures already in place to protect your servers.


Self-Service Portal 

With our self service orchestration portal you can manage your cloud resources with just one click. We support 

  • Create and manage resources (power on/off, Recycle, Extend)
  • Full Rest API support
  • Secure access
  • Native Support for Containers
  • And much more !!!